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Kingston 26 East Union Street


AmberDoniaOld World European Bakery

              Is a bakery like no other,  We use the freshest and most natural ingredients with no preservatives, additives, or fillers.  These dessert recipes come from all regions of Europe and are passed down from generation to generation.  AmberDonia has a variety of specialty items that can be customized for all your needs;  Special events, Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation, Graduation Parties, Birthday Gatherings,  and Everyday needs.   But if you're passing through the neighborhood, KINGSTON, PA, or Wilkes- Barre, PA, we invite you to stop in and try our TRADITIONAL NEAPOLITAN PIZZA, what could be better than a hot, delicious, wood-fired pizza Margherita straight out of the oven.  Filled with quality, organic ingredients that make your taste buds happy, and help you feel great too! Get ready to be amazed at how great pizza can taste.  Just remember we don't create your perfect pizza until you order it.  They are made to order, baked in a 1,100-degree oven, and are ready to be eaten in less than ONE minutes.  Once you have tried our exquisite pizza will you understand why people keep coming back for more.


AmberDonia Bakery