About Us

                           AmberDonia believes when it comes to Antiquity,

Some things never change!  Old world traditions with a commitment to freshness and quality.   A reputation built by hard work, and authentic family recipes sprinkled with fresh new ideas.  If you're  looking for the authentic taste of homemade delicacies such as; CAKES, PASTRIES, PIES, COOKIES, GOURMET COFFEE, AND ARTISAN WOOD FIRED NEAPOLITAN PIZZA,  but find it impossible to get in your neck-of-the-woods.

                      Well, that has already changed, even as you read this page, history is being made at an old-world European bakery doing business in Kingston, PA.  With two locations to serve its loyal customers, and still growing.  Magical events are already taking place that will forever change the way you look, smell, taste, and feel about a BAKERY.  Recipes that are centuries old, passed from one generation to the next, and finally resurrected to the present.  Sure to be a taste worth making the trip for.

                         And when you do decide to make the trip, AmberDonia will provide you with multiple display cases that will allow you to look back through the centuries, and see the lineage of great bakers from around the world.  Authentic old world charm mixed with quality ingredients, and most of all a burst of great hospitality.  We believe in honored traditions mixed with quality ingredients will bring the best friendships.  When it comes to Antiquity, none of this would have been possible throughout our humble history without one key ingredient.


The Sacipi family would like to thank everyone for blessing this endeavor, so that we may all share this gourmet treasure